Custom Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

9 Key Elements of Quality Custom Eye Liner Boxes

Every woman loves to wear eyeliner as it makes eyes more appealing and attractive. Ladies are becoming more and more conscious about their looks; they want to have high-quality cosmetic products. Most the purchase decisions are instant and it mostly depends on product’s packaging. Cosmetic brands need to understand it and design eyeliner packaging according to customer’s need. Eyeliner boxes are the preferred choice of brands for their product packaging. Custom boxes add value and appeal to eye products. These boxes come in all sizes and styles which increase their diversity. But do you know what elements make your eyeliner packaging perfect?? Here are some of the main elements which should be part of your custom eyeliner boxes.

A Right Eyeliner box always helps
The box is the key element of your eyeliner packaging. You have to choose the perfect box with respect to size, material, and style. The material you choose for your boxes should fit the design. The box should enclose the product properly to protect it. Moreover, the boxes in unusual shapes may seem appealing but they are not easy to handle and use. So, better avoid it.

Consistent use of branding by Custom Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

Before you even start to design, you need to determine what branding elements you need for your eyeliner boxes. The branding element should communicate you the core values and personality of your brand. The brand logo should be part of your boxes to create your solid identity among customers. You can also keep your boxes consistent, try to use brand color in your boxes.

Visual engagement of Custom Packaging Boxes

An eyeliner box should be visually appealing to attract maximum attention. The box is the first element which customers are going to notice in your packaging. Use colors that POPs; make proper use of colors, keep the dark and dull shades of eyeliner packaging. Design graphics to draw in more customers. Fabulous finish, decent shape, readable text, eye-catching fonts and many other elements contribute towards the required visual appeal.

Balanced typography

Balanced typography means to place the written content around images with proper balance. Print your product and brand name with large and bold fonts, so it will get noticed easily. Don’t put too much information, the design will clutter on small eyeliner boxes. To make your product stand out, you can use unique fonts and style for your text. Custom lettering is on trend now a day.

Compelling Call-to-actions

A call-to-action is a catchy lineor phrase that brands use to increase their sales. A compelling call-to-action should influence hoppers to take necessary actions. You can use the CTA for discount offers, introducing new elements or for free give away. Most of the CTA which brand use are Buy one get one free, try out new product sample or buy it to get discount on other products. It will manipulate customer’s mind and they will most probably try your product.

Notable images of Customized Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

Whether you are selling your products in online stores or at retail outlets, you should add noteworthy images of your product on the boxes. So, customers can know what they are going to buy. It will help them to decide better for themselves. A good and quality image of the product will let customers know how the product is. A large image will work well as it will give more clarification.


White space on your eyeliner boxes will provide a proper balance to the overall design. In design, space is a delicate element that keeps the flow and gives proper understanding. You can use the white space to attract customer's attention towards something which you want them to see. The elements will appear more clearly on a white background rather than a colored one.

Important Information on Packaging Boxes

You should keep your end-customers in mind while designing the box for eyeliner packaging. Add information which customers need and at the place which is visible at first glance. Customers will appreciate the effort to provide all needed info. You should print all detail about the product; element it includes, expiry date, barcodes and precautions to use the product. You can also add information for users to contact your brand.

Green element by Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

As the trends of the modern world are changing, eco-friendly packaging is the new trend to follow. You cannot rely on non-recyclable boxes for custom eyeliner boxes. Customers will not appreciate it and it can also affect your brand image. It can even make your product a success or failure. If you don't want to left behind, choose recyclable boxes. These boxes are not only recyclable but also reusable.

If you want to make your custom eyeliner boxes a success, you should keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Consider the ways which can make your product stand out. If you don't have enough knowledge of packaging, contact Custom Packaging pro can help you in a professional way.

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